For celebrations as big as weddings you want to trust that everything is just right.
Jane Cronin knows all about that feeling as she has assisted in more weddings than she can count, from custom train additions, to altering family-heirloom vintage gowns, to creation of bespoke and individualised bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as adorable miniature versions for page boys and flowers girls.
Jane has been passionate about sewing, textiles, and weddings for a number of years and finally took the leap to offer her skills to the wider public and so far her customers have been thrilled with the results.
If you have found *the* dress, but it just needs a tweak, Jane is your go-to seamstress.
If you have searched every store and your bridesmaids are just not happy, Jane can help you find an answer.
If you want great service, a friendly hand to hold, and a spectacular result, get in touch.