After the bride’s gown, the next important decision for most weddings is bridesmaids’ dresses.  They reflect your wedding theme, set the tone for your wedding, and they should make your very best friends look gorgeous too.   

Dare to be different.

If you already know exactly what you want your dresses to be like, finding what you 

want can be difficult.

Your very best friends don’t usually all come in the same size and shape. What suits one won’t necessarily flatter the others. Finding an outfit that makes everyone look their best is not easy, but if you know what you want, having it made exactly how you want it can make it so much more fun and a lot less stressful.

TIPS to make sure everyone looks their best

An individual design for each of your special ladies. 

  • Consult with your bridesmaids to find out what shapes and design featuresreally suit them, and maybe what their dream dresses would look like.
  • Make sure each lady feels flattered and comfortable in their dress.

Connect the group together

  • Choose a selection of fabrics that can be used in each dress, but in different ways.
  • Choose the same colour for each different style.
  • OR choose different colours and include a detail that cleverly links them to a unique set.

Have fun with the design

  • How often have you liked the top of one outfit but the bottom of another, and the detail on yet another outfit in the shops? Combine the features you like!
  • Copy a small detail from the wedding gown.
  • Personalise your design for maximum effect.

Enjoy the design process

  • Involve your bridesmaids in choosing what suits them.
  • Explore shape, colour and texture and styles until you have the perfect solution.
  • Have the wedding you want, don’t settle for what you can find readymade in the shops.

Have each dress made to fit each bridesmaid, perfectly. 

  • Everyone’s shape is unique; celebrate the differences and flatter any body type.  More important than ‘made to measure’ is made to fit. 
  • Have dresses made to the highest standards and always fully lined.