To make this process as smooth as possible we have laid out below what to expect from a Jane Cronin Creates service. It may seem tricky to get everyone together in one space but it is absolutely worth it for the giggles, memories, and, of course, the end product: gorgeous, one-of-a-kind dresses.

Design meeting

  • This is an informal coffee and chat session with your bridesmaids.  We will discuss your likes and dislikes, and the design features you want.  We will agree colour schemes and texture and fabric preferences.
  • For each bridesmaid we’ll arrive at an initial design, and take first measurements using a ‘toile’ garment for absolute accuracy.
  • By the end of the session, each bridesmaid will have a design, a colour choice, fabric type or types. 
  • These sessions get exciting, the more creative the better!

First fit

  • This meeting will include agreeing fabrics from a range of samples that match your requirements (and some that challenge your plans, just to make absolutely sure).
  • This meeting will include each bridesmaid being fitted in a toile garment to check the design features of their exact design.
  • This fitting is your chance to change your mind on some design features, or choose between options once you see the garments starting to take shape.
  • Once every detail is exactly how you want it, the making begins!

Second fit

  • This is an optional stage depending upon the design of your dresses.

Final fit

  • Dresses will be completed, apart from zips and hems.
  • Zip fitting is advised not earlier than 4-5 weeks before the big day for strapless dresses, to ensure perfect fit.


  • Your dresses will be ready for you to take away within a week of the final fit day, often sooner.
  • Any spare fabric is yours to use for ad hoc decoration, for table decoration, ceremony decoration, and any other creative bursts you may have before or after the big day.